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Reading is FUN. Writing is NOTTips & Tricks for Writing Impressive Literary Arts:  Author/Co-author

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Cathleen Giterson (Tanchi Cathy) [Auntie Cathy] is a writer, poet, reciter, illustrator, storyteller, songwriter, children's entertainer and singer of children's songs. She is a former teacher and always ensures her literary and musical work has didactic and educational aspects in addition to the fun aspect. She was born in Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean) and speaks five languages, Papiamentu, English, Dutch, Spanish and French. Cathleen enjoys laughter and cheerful things. This is why the fun aspect governs most of her work.

She made her debut in 2010 with Djis un Pensamentu. Kolekshon di poesia i prosa poétiko, Tomo I (Just a Thought. Poetry and Poetic Prose Collection. Volume I), and launched her website, The following year she received the UNESCO Prize Papiamentu (native language-professional category). She writes rhymes, poetry, prose, poetic prose, songs, jokes, riddles and stories.




About the co-author













Djispi Pensamentu (Djispi).  Hello, dear ‘thinkerthoughters’ how are you? Let me introduce myself just to be sure that no important details are left out. Meet me! I am Djispi, the last born, the Tom Thumb, the spoiled, simply said, the apple of the eye of the Pensamentu Family.


We are everywhere, like termites. Even when you are sleeping, we are aware of all your thoughts. Man, Djispi can tell you that some people have stupid, pointless thoughts, some are full of good thoughts, but don't know what to do with them. Some think and think and think ... but nothing comes out of their heads. Because of this Djispi has decided to help Cathleen Giterson out in writing this book. You know. After all, Djispi is her Creative Advisor. So sit tight and enjoy our Tips and Tricks in helping you to become a better writer.


Duike, duike! (Cheerio!)

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