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L.S: Information - Djis un Pensamentu
DJIS UN PENSAMENTU, is an E-magazine to ta inspire, educate, raise awareness and entertain in a healthy way.

Lectori Salutem​!

Dear reader,

Welcome to this website.

I am Cathleen Giterson. An amateur (or better said a meddler) when it comes to everything related to language.


Especially "captivating" linguistic aspects (at least in my opinion) such as: poetry (different types), poetic prose, idiomatic expressions, sayings and proverbs.

Cathleen Front face.jpeg

I also enjoy jokes, riddles, stories, beautiful or in-depth song lyrics, texts that use word games or that use double meaning in a very professional way, in short, I love 'language'. All languages. When it comes to language my first love is of course my native language Papiamentu. But enough of me and my love affair with language. In case you want to read up on me feel free to consult the relevant sections of this website or my book covers.

As previously mentioned ... all of the above contributed to the introduction of Djis un Pensamentu. Kolekshon di Poesia in Prosa Poétiko. Tomo I [Just a Thought. Poetry and poetic prose collection. Volume I]. And the idea of ​​a website soon started to take form in my mind. I then immediately decided to find a way to intertwine the book and the website. Done. This resulted in a partnership. On the one hand, it is thanks to the book that the website became a reality, and on the other hand, it is thanks to the website that the book received a well deserved promotion in the Books/CDs section resulting in a perfect ‘marriage’. Both now belonging to the same tribe, namely: Djis un Pensamentu. One has all its Christian names that you have already read above and the other is

Their first born is, Djispi. (With whom you have already made acquantance or soon will.)

However, I have another domain address, This address is linked to the address

Why? Because this website is available in 4 languages, namely Papiamentu, English, Spanish and Dutch. Select the language of your preference by pressing on the corresponding flag. To make it easier for someone who doesn't understand Papiamentu, we offer, simply type it into your browser to get to this site.

Due to the fact that the books and CDs are available on the market, I will refrain from indulging into additional information on the subject. It is important to explain the website in its entirety to allow a better understanding of what is meant by E-magazine.

Sit tight, this column is a bit long. But don't worry, once you read it, you're done. You never have to read it again. (I heard you scream yippee! But it's okay, as long as you regularly visit all 29 columns of content.) In other words, this column is an introduction to how this E magazine was made.


As it is written in large print once you are on this site, Djis un Pensamentu is an E-magazine to inspire, educate, raise awareness and entertain. Many of the columns use different visual elements to make the whole site even more appealing. Many of us like to receive those emails, apps or videos that go from one computer or mobile phone to another. Many are funny, others inspire you, or even raise awareness about an important topic. If you read a lot of them you will find them so cute that you would want to forward / share them right away. You would want to send them to more friends and colleagues so they too can enjoy them. But after a while you forget a few. It's nice to enjoy it again after some time. This gave rise to the idea for this electronic magazine. I have compiled some of these emails, apps, videos and will present several in a number of columns. Some I made myself (these have written below: Made by CG / Cathleen Giterson). The rest are presented as I received them. For the sake of convenience, there are some files (the ones I made myself) that I created in powerpoint/videos.


Next, I'll quickly cover information on all the columns so you can get an idea of ​​what they are and their content is:

1. Sailing~

This is a short column of thoughts. A thought is expressed in a way that inspires.

2. It's like that!

Column about expressions. An expression, whether it’s a saying or proverb, is presented here in the four languages that or mostly spoken on our ‘dushi’ island. Being, Papiamentu, Dutch, English and Spanish. And at the end we give the meaning in Papiamentu.

3. Word of God

This column, just like the column Sailing~, presents a thought in a manner that inspires, but in this case related to the Supreme Being. Many times it’s about biblical proverbs.

4. ‘Quotethat’

Column that inspires because of the different quotes from famous authors. The first quotes are always about festive days or an important activity on the calendar for that season. The rest of the quotes are general. There are quotes in all four languages spoken on our island.

5. Honor to the author

This is the column that honors one of our many authors. It could be a literary, artistc or musical author. First you will find a type of biography and at the end we will present a thought from him/her that he/she considers to be of utmost importance.

6. Take the floor!

This column can be considered as a "continuation" of the previous column, in which the invited author presents a piece of his work. If it is a musical author, he can present one of his/her songs here. If it is an artistic author, he can present some photos, some images of his artistic work. If that is not possible, we will present a poem by a foreign poet.

7. Viva Curaçao!

This is a column of panorama or landscape or our Dushi Kòrsou.

8. Flowery memory

This is the column that goes back in time to talk about poetic techniques. Here you will find several literary styles that we probably all have had at school. This to refresh our memory. But you will also find tips for writing a poem, story or book.

9. Speak! Papiamentu 

Our "Dushi" [Dear] Papiamentu is the one who speaks here. Papiamentu will speak and give all the details from birth to his actual position. All the dilemmas he has come across, but also how Papiamentu sees his future on the horizon. You will cry and sing with him. At the end of this column there is always a part called Speak Papiamentu!. Here Papiamentu will criticize or present certain special aspects that he comes across on his way.

10. Right on!

This is a column that presents (archaic) words of our language Papiamentu or less common expressions in our daily conversation. This is how Right on! wants to present them so that we can revive them and in the case of the expressions encourage us to use them more often. Here we can also dig into the history/meaning of certain words or expressions.

11. Good to go

Column with information about natural medicine, creole herbs and their use.

12. Did you know?

This column is like a quiz that tests your general knowledge.

13. Memo

All kinds of tips. There are many tips on home maintenance or household products, but there are also tips on gardening, tips on car maintenance, personal care etc.

14. Yummy in my tummy

This is the recipe column. Every time we will present a delicious recipe that will make your mouth water.

15. Let’s do it

Column of manual work (DIY). Here you will find ideas in a very simple way how to make something in a practical way, for example from disposable material, material that everyone always has in house, or cheap material that you can buy to make something with it. So without or with little money you learn how to make something beautiful, practical and sometimes even unique. In this way, we encourage you to save and at the same time help you to be more creative by using your own hands.

16. Think about it!

Educational column of video or text to let you examine your conscience.

17. Pay attention!

Here you will find information, (medical) warnings on a subject. This is an informative column about human health. If the subject is a bit too heavy (perhaps medical information with slightly graphic photos), we will announce this. If we are dealing with adult topics, we will post [18+] after the column's name to announce it.

18. Our treasure!

Beautifull photos focusing on one treasure of our dushi Curaçao. It can be a monument, a place or a historical object. We also provide a brief and relevant description of the chosen treasure.

19. Pour your heart out Djispi!

This is the space of our confidential advisor Djispi. Djispi is talking here and he will pour a lot of thoughts from his head and heart for his 'thinkerthoughters', as he lovingly calls them. Djispi can express sharp thoughts on one or more topics related to the calendar activity of that season.

20. Your thoughts (?)

This column is a continuation of the previous column. Here, Djispi gives all 'thinkersthoughters' the opportunity to pour out their own hearts about the thoughts that Djispi has put forward in Djispi's column. Everyone can type and post their opinion on the chosen topic. They can also respond to thoughts of others who have already posted theirs. This section can therefore be considered as a kind of forum where everyone is welcome to respond. Of course, the given rules must be followed.

21. Gathering

In this column you will find many photos of an artistic, literary or musical activity. And sometimes even accompanied by a little information about the activity in question and how it went.

22. How nice!

Here information and/or peculiar thoughts will be shared regarding interesting, educational, funny or any other topic pertaining to any country or part of the world.

23. Bite your tail

If you like puzzles to pass the time, here is a snake puzzle. If you cannot solve this puzzle, the snake will bite and kill you. So, fix it, let the snake fill with rage until it bites its own tail.

24. War of the sexes [18+]

Judge for yourself which sex is the weak sex and which is the strong sex. Jokes about men and women. Intended for adults.

25. HI-HA-HO! [18+]

Laugh out loud with this compilation of hilarious jokes. Intended for adults.

26. Hazard a guess!

Column of riddles. You think you are very smart, right? Well come on. Now let's see how intelligent you really are.

27. Point of view

See and guess what or who am I.  This column is in the trend of the previous one.

28. Chuckle up!

More jokes. (Because we know you like it.)

29. And the winner is ...

A contest that Djispi has organized to test all Thinkerthoughters, to see if they have carefully followed Djispi's personal column. Djispi will anounce the winner in the next edition of Djis un Pensamentu. The winner will receive a copy of the book, Djis un pensamentu. Kolekshon di poesia i prosa poétiko. Tomo I (Just a Thought. Poetry and poetic prose collection. Volume I) and the CD ARKO IRIS. 11 kantika pa mucha (RAINBOW. 11 children songs).

Most columns of Djis un Pensamentu [Just a Thought] are not too long, but some may take longer to read or view. The idea is that you visit us regularly and read or view the content bit by bit. Of course, if you have all the time in the world, you can sit in great style and enjoy it in one go. But do not forget that this is not necessary because every edition of this e-magazine is accessible for a whole year.


We would like to remind everyone, especially parents, that this website is more for adults duet o topic content selection or because of some spicy jokes. But we can assure everyone that there will be no vulgarity on this site in any way, shape or form. For convenience, we have placed this symbol [18+] after the names of the relevant columns, as previously mentioned. So, parents with small children, pay close attention to your children's internet usage.

We also want to say that if you are a person who complains all the time, someone who cannot bear a joke, who is ready to get angry and criticize, who takes life too seriously and who is ready to be furious about nonsense, it will be better that you don't even visit this site so that your blood pressure will not rise. This especially with regard to jokes. But if you are someone who knows how to balance life and who can tolerate a joke and who is ready to laugh at whatever crazy things there are, then move on. (By the way, you will live long, or at least you will live well!) (Djispi's observation).


We want to say that although we do a lot of research to see what kind of information we will post, we still want to make it very clear that you cannot claim any right to the content of this site. We are referring here to general columns that we didn't create ourselves. These are the emails, apps, videos we received in our inbox. It depends on everyone whether you want to continue using the information provided. It is then up to you to check the truthfulness.

Remember that this site is universal. It is a site about thoughts and not mainly about Papiamentu. This means that in addition to our dushi Papiamentu, which we love so much, you will also regularly find information/texts in other languages.

As we said at the beginning, Djis un Pensamentu is an E-magazine to inspire, to educate, to make you aware and to entertain.

Next we present a distribution scheme of the columns:

Next we present a distribution scheme of the columns:


Djis un Pensamentu is good for relieving stress because it is light and will not overwhelm you with long columns that will make you fall asleep. It is also written lively, accompanied by interesting images and graphics to keep you awake. (If you do fall asleep, it's because you've been online for a while.)

On the right, as we mentioned, you will find the Books/CDs column, which is related to all the books and CDs we sell, including the book Djis un Pensamentu. Kolekshon di Poesia in Prosa Poétiko. Tomo I [Just a Thought. Poetry and Poetic Prose Collection. Volume I], with its respective columns. Like the colum: Flyer. The Promo column, which displays a presentation as a promotion for both the book and the website. In the column Djis un Poema [Just a poem] there is a different poem from this book or from another poetry book.


Un boka bisa otro, Que corra la voz, Zeg het voort, Spread the word around. In other words, keep spreading the rumor that Djis un Pensamentu (oficically: is here for everyone to visit, watch, listen, read, laugh, remember, participate, become more aware and maybe even learn something.

Tell all your 'contacts' about it. And don't forget to always turn on your audio, because there are some columns that are accompanied by music or certain sounds.

I hope you will enjoy the books, the CDs and this website

With love,

Cathleen Giterson (Tanchi [Auntie] Cathy)

P.S: If you want to express your thoughts or if you have any interesting information, please contact Djispi, our confidant, who interrupts me all the time, sorry I mean, inspires me.

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