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  • Because Djispi is so happy, Djispi will give every thinkerthoughter a 10% discount on all our products. 10 years - 10%. (When we turn 100 years with God's help, we give a 100% discount.)


  • 'Thinkerthoughters, Pensamentistanan Pensamentistas, Denkerlingen', our website is now, in case you haven't noticed yet, in the four languages ​​more used on our island Curaçao (for those who don't know, Curaçao is in the Dutch Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela). The four languages ​​most spoken on this island are of course our 'dushi' (lovely) Papiamentu, English, Spanish and Dutch. "That's awesome!" "Esta bon, no!" "¡Eso es genial!" "Dat is geweldig!" 

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Dear thinkerthoughters,

Welcome to Djispi News, your extraordinary news broadcast.

In this news journal we would like to remind you of some very important points of our website Djis un Pensamentu [Just a Thought].


  • Our website has been around for 10 years now. Heep Heep Hooray!!! Everyone who congratulates us will receive a delicious piece of viral cake in their mail or inbox, completely free. Yummy in your tummy!​​

  • We have just released our 10th Edition of Djis un Pensamentu [Just a Thought]. A brand new edition full of information. So hurry up, check it out! (Don't trip, please)


  • To put the crown on the work (remember I said 'crown' and not 'corona' (Hell no!) And to celebrate with all our thinkerthoughters, Djispi has organized the Djis un Pensamentu 10th Anniversary Poetry Contest (Wow, a mouthful!) Anyone can take part in this contest by submitting their original poem (a poem you invented and wrote yourself) and you can win prizes. For full details on this contest, see the respective column.

  • To give more people the opportunity to write high-quality poetry, Djispi has written a special report entitled: 10 TIPS FROM DJISPI FOR WRITING IMPRESSIVE POETRY!!! In order to get this report, you must first subscribe to our website and then you will have the opportunity to instantly download this FREE report from the internet. (You'll say why only 10 tips? Oh no man, you're kidding, right?… Because it's our 10th ANNIVERSARY of course! That's why everything is in the trend of 10 10 10 ……… Jeepers Creepers! The Teleprompter has moved on without us. Oh dear!… Where are we ???… Oh yes, here…) In this way Djispi hopes to contribute so that all amateur poetry lovers dare to write poems and of course also participate in our poetry contest. Needless to say, the more experienced poets are also welcome to take a look and refresh their memory and perhaps they too can get something out of this. In the respective report all thinkerthoughters can read these 10 valuable tips. (No, no, no! Not now! Don't you dare leave me talking alone. You can leave once this very interesting news broadcast is over.)

  • Peeps, EXTRA, EXTRA read all about it! We are 'breaking' this news forcast right now to bring you a BREAKING NEWS: Cathleen and Djispi has just released their first e-book titled: Reading is FUN. Writing is NOT. Tips & Tricks for Writing Impressive Literary Arts. This book is in digital format and contains 159 pages. For a limited time, you can purchase this book for just 2.99 USD [NAf. 5.50]. That's a real bargain!

  • We want to remind everyone, whatever country you are in (even the penguins in Alaska or Antarctica, or both) (and also the aliens or UFOs in space) that they can buy our products that we sell through our Online STORE and we will arrange for them to receive these products via our courier DHL (Djispi Hack Location).


  • Stay tuned as we have a lot of work planned to be published.


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works and our website Djis un Pensamentu. 


We would like to thank you very much for tuning into our Newcast Djispi News

Good day.

Duike, duike! (Bye!)

Your informant who was delighted to inform you, your host, The One and Only:

Djispi Pensamentu



Flyer Djis un Pensamentu - 10th Annivers
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News Bulletin
An E-magazine to inspire, educate, raise awareness and entertain.

Is celebrating its 10th ANNIVERSARY online with a POETRY CONTEST

WILLEMSTAD - The website Djis un Pensamentu [Just a Thought] ( with its slogan: an E-magazine to inspire, educate, raise awareness and entertain is celebrating its 10th anniversary online. This website was launched in 2010 at the same time that Cathleen Giterson has mader her debut as a poet and author of the book: Djis un Pensamentu. Kolekshon di poesia i prosa poétiko. Tomo I [Just a Thought. Poetry and poetic prose collection. Volume I] from which the website got its name. The following year, both the book and the website received the UNESCO prize for native language Papiamentu.

Host of the website is the emoji Djispi who in his peculiar way has produced many different thoughts during these 10 years that have passed for all 'thinkerthoughters' as they are called. This website is a site where in a very relaxed way we try to present different literary aspects. We also try to stimulate the appreciation for literature in general, especially among teenagers, but also adults.

During these 10 years, several teenagers have approached Cathleen Giterson for advice or assistance regarding poetry, prose, and in particular the Papiamentu language. As Tanchi [Aunt] Cathy, Cathleen has stimulated several children to read and thus has contributed to vocabulary acquisition through her rhymes, poetry or children's songs. Djis un Pensamentu is a website that offers various information and tips in the field of language, Papiamentu, literature, music, but also, for example, recipes, puzzles, crafts, texts, images and videos that are either inspiring, informative or funny to entertain.
Every literary work of Cathleen and Tanchi Cathy can be purchased through the site as well as the most recent (true story) book, an autobiography of Cathleen's father, Juan C. Martis (†), entitled BIDA DI UN SIPIR. Relato di susesonan di e último añanan di prizòn na Plasa Wilhelmina i e promé añanan di prizòn na Koraal Specht. [LIFE OF A PRISON GUARD. A report of the events of the last years of the prison at Plasa Wilhelmina and the first years of the prison at Koraal Specht]


For a good start to the celebration of our 10th anniversary, Djispi has just launched edition 10 of Djis un Pensamentu. And to celebrate big, the entire website is now in four languages: Papiamentu, English, Spanish and Dutch. Djispi encourages all the real 'thinkerthoughters' of the site, as well as the future ones, to check out this new edition. Djispi also gives a 10% discount on all items on the site. 

And if that was not enough, Cathleen Giterson and Djispi has just released their first e-book titled: Reading is FUN. Writing is NOT. Tips & Tricks for Writing Impressive Literary Arts. This book is in digital format and contains 159 pages. For a limited time, you can purchase this book for just 2.99 USD [NAf. 5.50].

To thank all thinkerthoughters who have accepted Djis un Pensamentu, Djispi has organized the Djis un Pensamentu 10th Anniversary Poetry Contest.  Write a (short) original poem (between 5 and 20 verses/lines). You can write in Papiamentu, English, Spanish or Dutch. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can participate. Age: 13 years and older (up to 100+). The 10 most original poems will win and will be featured on our website. The prices consist of Book & CD Packages from our Online STORE and beautiful Certificate of Excellence for the winning poets. 

If you subscribe to the website, you can download Djispi's report: 10 Tips from Djispi for Writing Impressive Poetry for FREE. This can serve as a guide for your participation in the poetry contest.


Send your poem with your personal information to our email: The deadline for sending your original poem is February 15, 2021. Visit our website for more information about this competition.
For more information, please contact us through our website, our email or call us at 5999-668-8078. ;)


Invitation - DUP Poetry Afternoon.png

Press release


Djispi helps all "thinkerthoughters" write poetry for FREE!


WILLEMSTAD - As part of the 10th Anniversary of our website Djis un Pensamentu ( with the slogan: An E-magazine to inspire, educate, raise awareness and entertain, Djispi, host of our website , will help all amateur poets with advice and feedback for free. POETRY IN LOCKDOWN. Let's turn negativism into positivism!

Djispi is still celebrating the fact that they have been online for 10 years and because this LOCKDOWN causes us all a lot of stress, Djispi has decided to lend a hand in this unpleasant situation. The effects of a Lockdown can be devastating to our mind. Not everyone can deal with this. A very simple yet practical way to help with this is to put your thoughts on paper. If you feel angry, frustrated, or powerless and don't know what to do ... try to write down your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Try to do this poetically so that maybe this can become a hobby or something that can bring you many benefits in the future.

You can consider this "campaign" as a "1 on 1". Each "thinkerthoughter" can send in a maximum of two poems. This can be done in Papiamentu, English, Spanish or Dutch. Djispi will read your (two) poem(s), and will help you with the structure, language, content and presentation of your poem(s). This is done by e-mail. Send your poem in Word format so that we can communicate with you in a clear and proper way.

Your poem will not be published on our website, because we consider this to be a personal help. This entire campaign is designed to encourage you who may not have written poetry before or who are already used to writing poetry, but who may need a push or an extra incentive to continue writing. But Djispi does this mainly so that you will feel comfortable and confident to publish your own poetic work.

Thinkerthoughter, you are free to choose your own subject for your poems. Any age is welcome. Send your (two) poem(s) to our email:

The duration of this campaign is until the end of the Lockdown proclamed by the Government of Curaçao.  If this ends before April 30, 2021, we will continue until that date. If it persists further of that date, then we will also continue until the end of the Lockdown proclamed then by this government.

You can read all this information on our website in the section entitled Djispi News, via this link:

For more information, contact Cathleen & Djispi via the contact form of our website or our mobile phone 5999-668-8078. ;)

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